101+ Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Still Get on Amazon

101+ Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Still Get on Amazon

Looking for last-minute Christmas gifts on Black Friday? Amazon has you covered with its vast collection of products that will reach your doorsteps just in time for Christmas. Thus, if you’ve been caught up in the holiday rush or simply need a bit of inspiration, we have curated below a list of 101 amazing gift ideas that you can get hold of. You will surely find something here that will bring joy to your loved ones on this joyous occasion.  


  1. Portable Bluetooth speaker: This compact and handy device for listening to music on the go is perfect for music lovers and is available for all budget ranges.
  2. Wireless earbuds: This is a great gift for someone who loves hearing music. Plus, modern earbuds have several other functions, such as attending calls, voice assistants, etc.
  3. Smartphone tripod: A perfect gift for photography enthusiasts – it helps capture steady photos and videos. 
  4. Smartphone projector: An ideal gift for the movie buff, a smartphone projector can transform any room into a mini theater.
  5. Kindle e-reader: A lightweight and convenient e-reader for reading pleasure that makes a great gift. However, this might not always fit your budget.
  6. Virtual reality headset: A perfect gift for someone who loves movies and sports.
  7. Noise-canceling headphones: Immerse yourself in your favorite music and block out unwanted noise with these noise-canceling headphones.
  8. Smart home device (e.g., smart speaker or smart plug): A sensible gift for controlling one’s home with ease and convenience.
  9. Wireless computer keyboard: A smart way to add some convenience to your typing with an ergonomic wireless computer keyboard.
  10. Electric heated blanket: Give your cold-intolerant friends a cozy and warm electric heated blanket. 
  11. Electrically heated mug: Keeping your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature for hours with a heated mug that adds warmth to your sips makes for a perfect gift. 
  12. Mini Bluetooth keyboard: A great gift for workaholics to stay productive on the go with a compact and wireless keyboard. 
  13. Selfie ring light: A perfect gift for selfie lovers and helps them capture picture-perfect selfies with enhanced lighting and adjustable brightness for flawless shots. 
  14. Instant camera: Help your loved ones capture their holiday memories instantly with an instant camera that prints photos on the spot.


  1. Travel neck pillow: Gift your loved ones a comfortable journey with a plush travel neck pillow.
  2. Leather journal: Help your loved ones capture their thoughts and memories in this elegant and timeless leather-bound journal.
  3. Travel toiletry bag: A handy gift for keeping travel essentials organized and easily accessible.
  4. Portable phone charger: Budget-friendly and a great way to keep devices powered up on the go. 
  5. Compact travel umbrella: An umbrella is a useful accessory, especially when it is compact and portable.
  6. Travel packing cubes: Organize and maximize your luggage space with these versatile and compact travel packing cubes.
  7. Travel-themed journal: Capturing travel memories and jotting down your adventures in a beautifully crafted journal designed for wanderers can be great fun. 
  8. Monogrammed luggage tag: Adding a stylish and personalized touch to your travel gear gets super easy with a monogrammed luggage tag that stands out.
  9. Scratch-off world map: An excellent gift for the traveling bees in your family to help them keep track of their travels. 
  10. Portable DVD player: Help your friends enjoy movies and shows on the go with a portable DVD player featuring a built-in screen.
  11. Travel adapter: The ultimate companion for globetrotters that ensures seamless charging of devices while on the go.

Food and Drink

  1. Mini waffle maker: A beautiful gift for your loved ones with a sweet tooth.
  2. Portable blender: Help your friends and family blend smoothies and shakes on the go with this compact and portable blender.
  3. Electric kettle: A gift that comes in quite handy to boil water quickly and efficiently and is perfect for tea, coffee, and more.
  4. Gourmet coffee sampler: For premium coffee lovers, give them a curated gourmet coffee sampler. 
  5. Recipe box and cards: For the cooks, give them a stylish recipe box with accompanying recipe cards.
  6. Tea infuser bottle: A great gift for brewing one’s favorite loose-leaf teas on the go with a convenient and portable tea infuser bottle.
  7. Mini air fryer: Enjoy guilt-free crispy delights with this compact and efficient kitchen gadget delivering the perfect crunch without the excess oil.
  8. Gourmet olive oil set: A fun way to elevate culinary creations with a selection of premium, flavorful olive oils from around the world. 
  9. DIY cookie or baking mix jar: Create a festive and thoughtful gift by giving them a DIY cookie or baking mix jar.
  10. Gourmet chocolate gift box: Gift an indulgent gift box with a delectable assortment of chocolates.
  11. Instant Pot Cookbook: A great gift for busy bees to discover numerous instant pot recipes. 

Beer and Wine

  1. Cocktail recipe book: A great way to enhance mixology skills and try enticing cocktail recipes – just what budding chefs need.
  2. Beer brewing kit: Help your friends and family unleash their inner brewmaster with a beer brewing kit. 
  3. Electric wine opener: You can also gift an electric wine opener if the recipient is a wine connoisseur. 
  4. Wine bottle cooler: A perfect way to keep wine at the ideal temperature with an insulated and stylish wine bottle cooler.
  5. Cocktail shaker set: A great gift for bringing out the bartender in your loved ones. 
  6. Cocktail glasses set: A great gift for serving cocktails in style. This elegant and versatile set of cocktail glasses is just what you need.
  7. Wine aerator: A great way to enhance the flavors and aromas of wine.
  8. Wine glass markers: With this gift, never lose track of your wine glass again with these vibrant markers with a fun touch.
  9. Insulated wine tumbler: An ideal temperature with an insulated tumbler designed for wine lovers. t way to sip your wine in style and keep it at the


  1. Fitness tracker: A fitness tracker is a great way to stay motivated for the health buffs.
  2. Fitness dice set: A fun way to add variety to workouts with this set of fitness dice for randomized exercises.
  3. Yoga mat: A good Yoga mat is essential to a great yoga session.
  4. Fitness jump rope: Gift your friends a good jump rope to improve their cardiovascular fitness and agility. 
  5. Yoga block set: A great way to improve flexibility and support yoga practice with a set of durable and supportive yoga blocks.
  6. Yoga strap: Deepen your yoga practice and improve flexibility with a durable and adjustable yoga strap. 


  1. Indoor herb garden kit: This is a more thoughtful and intimate gift with a touch of greenery.
  2. Essential oil diffuser: You can gift your loved one a soothing and aromatic atmosphere with a diffuser that releases refreshing scents.
  3. Scented candles: A beautiful gift that helps fill the space with soothing aromas and a cozy ambiance. It is suitable for both offices and bedrooms.
  4. LED desk lamp: Illuminate your workspace with this energy-efficient and adjustable LED desk lamp.
  5. Desktop globe: A beautifully designed globe is a great way to explore the world from the comfort of your desk and satisfy your wanderlust. 
  6. Enamel pin set: A set of collectible enamel pins is a great way to express one’s personality and style.
  7. Desk organizer: This is a great way to keep the workspace clutter-free and functional. Plus, it doesn’t cost you much.
  8. Wall art prints: Add some fun to a space with these beautiful and captivating wall art prints.


  1. Beard grooming kit: Gift your male friends a well-groomed beard with a comprehensive kit of beard care essentials.
  2. Spa gift basket: A luxurious assortment of pampering items to rejuvenate the body and soothe the soul.
  3. Handmade artisanal soap set: Indulge their senses with a luxurious set of handcrafted soaps in various scents and textures.
  4. Resistance band set: Help your friends stay fit and active with this versatile set of resistance bands for a full-body workout.
  5. Portable massage gun: A sensible gift for the elderly to relieve muscle tension and soreness. 
  6. Bath bomb set: A great way to transform a bath into a soothing and aromatic experience. 
  7. Novelty socks: A great way to update a sock collection is with quirky and colorful novelty socks.
  8. Makeup brush set: Achieve flawless makeup application with this comprehensive set of high-quality makeup brushes.
  9. Electric toothbrush: A good electric toothbrush makes for a great last-minute gift idea.

Games and Puzzles

  1. Puzzle mat roll-up: A great way to keep puzzles organized and easily transportable. 
  2. Sudoku puzzle book: Challenge the Sudokuphiles in your group with this amazing puzzle gift.
  3. Board game organizer: A perfect way to keep board games tidy and easily accessible. 
  4. Coloring canvas set: Unleash one’s artistic side with this set of coloring canvases that provide a creative outlet.
  5. Board game: Perfect for endless hours of fun and friendly competition for unforgettable game nights with family and friends.
  6. Puzzle book: Engaging brain teasers and challenges in the form of a puzzle book can be a great gift to stimulate the mind and keep boredom at bay.
  7. Personalized photo puzzle: Piece together cherished memories with a custom-made photo puzzle that adds a personal touch to game nights. 
  8. Adult coloring book set: Unwind and unleash your loved one’s creativity with a set of intricate coloring books for adults.


  1. Coffee mug set: A set of mugs is perfect for sipping your favorite beverages in style.
  2. Movie night gift basket: Create the ultimate movie night experience with this amazing gift basket packed with snacks and goodies.
  3. Insulated water bottle: This is a perfect way to keep beverages cold or hot for hours. It is ideal for people who spend most of their time outdoors.
  4. Hair styling tools: For hairstyle enthusiasts, this is a worthy gift that helps to achieve salon-like hairstyles. 
  5. Tea sampler set: For tea aficionados, consider surprising them with a tea sampler set.
  6. Insulated lunch bag: A perfect gift to help keep meals fresh and warm throughout the day. 
  7. Sleep mask and earplug set: Gift your friends and family uninterrupted sleep and relaxation with this comfortable sleep mask and ear plug combo.
  8. Gourmet popcorn assortment: Indulge in a variety of delicious popcorn flavors with this gourmet popcorn assortment.
  9. Personalized photo calendar: Create a personalized calendar for your loved ones featuring your favorite photos of them to cherish throughout the year.
  10. Desktop mini basketball hoop: Take a break and shoot some hoops with this fun mini basketball hoop.
  11. Leather wallet: A great gift to keep cards and cash organized in style with a stylish leather wallet.
  12. Crossbody bag: A crossbody bag not only looks fashionable but also acts as an important accessory to carry essentials.
  13. Leather Keychain: A stylish and durable leather keychain is a great way to add some style and sophistication to your keys.
  14. Personalized stationery set: For stationery lovers, give them this unique set and help them make a statement.


  1. Plant subscription box: A delightful monthly surprise of vibrant, green companions to bring life and beauty to any space.
  2. Customized jewelry: A unique and exquisite piece that showcases personal style and sentimentality makes for a perfect gift.
  3. Foam roller: A great gift for your loved ones to enhance their workout routine and relieve muscle tension.
  4. Fruit infusion water bottle: Stay hydrated and add a burst of flavor to your water with a bottle that allows for refreshing fruit infusions. 
  5. Digital gift cards: Instantly send a digital gift card from a popular retailer or online marketplace for a last-minute and convenient present.
  6. Mini projector: Gift your loved ones big-screen entertainment on the go with this compact and portable mini projector.
  7. Subscription boxes: Gift a subscription to a curated box service tailored to their interests, such as beauty, snacks, books, or even plants.
  8. Book or e-book: Choose a bestselling novel, a self-help book, or a genre for your loved ones for a captivating read.
  9. Customized phone case: Create a personalized phone case with the name of your loved one, their initials, or a special design that reflects their personality.
  10. Virtual experience: Treat them to a virtual cooking class, online workshop, or virtual tour that allows them to learn and explore from the comfort of their home.
  11. Outdoor adventure gear: For outdoor enthusiasts, consider gifting them camping gear, hiking accessories, or a portable hammock.



In conclusion, finding the perfect last-minute Christmas gift on Amazon is super easy, and the options are endless. From practical items like insulated water bottles and desk organizers to indulgent treats like gourmet chocolate gift boxes and scented candles, there’s something for everyone. 

You can also find tech gadgets, fitness gear, or personalized gifts on the website. With fast shipping and a wide selection, it is never too late to find a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will bring joy to your loved ones this holiday season. Happy shopping!


What are some common Christmas gifts?

Common Christmas gifts include coffee mugs, gift cards, food and beverage boxes, and home decor. Apart from this, tech gifts are also becoming popular these days. However, they may cost a bit more than these traditional gift options.

How much should I spend on a Christmas gift?

Your willingness to spend on a Christmas gift depends entirely on the person for whom the gift is meant. You wouldn’t mind spending a tad more for the people you love, like your close relatives. However, business gifts should always be within a budget. Ideally, you’d not want to spend anything more than $10-20 on a business gift. 

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