4 Ways Intuitive Healing Can Save Your Life — And How to Get Started

4 Ways Intuitive Healing Can Save Your Life — And How to Get Started

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When it comes to healing from divorce (and any trauma), learning how to use your intuition can be a game changer that can help speed up the process. Like the many other sub-categories of healing, becoming familiar with your intuition can take time at the start, but once you have mastered it, it can serve you in many ways throughout your lifetime.

What is intuition, and how can learning to tune into it help you heal? Intuition is the ability to sense something we may not be consciously aware of. It directs us to listen to cues from the mind, body and spirit, and use them to help make positive choices. It definitely can be learned, and we all have this ability, but many of us either don’t know how or choose not to see or “feel” the signs and do anything about them when we do.

You most likely have experienced a moment where you receive a “sign” from the universe – this can be in the form of a dream, a waking image, something someone says to you at a certain time, the appearance of someone in your life who delivers an important message, or even something you happen to see or read. The sign usually comes at a reasonable time, such as when you are on the precipice of making a big change or decision or starting a new journey.

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Intuitive healing involves using intuition to heal — the ability to recognize the signs and explore the messages they convey before making choices. We then use the information we obtain to make the best choices to stimulate the healing process. More importantly, this process is robust and can make us feel like we did something positive in our healing journey, and this change of mindset is a big boost for healing.

Here are some ways to get in touch with your intuition so you can use it to help in your healing journey:

1. Get quiet and ask yourself for guidance

Taking a pause when facing a tough choice is a beautiful way to let your mind and spirit know you are seeking guidance. It is common for many people to ask friends or family for help with a decision, but others will tell you what they think is right for you when the truth is that you are the only one who can determine this.

Find time and a quiet place every day to reflect on your choices. Close your eyes and simply breathe. Feel the sensation of breathing and just being. You can ask yourself, “What is right for me in this situation?” Try to focus on just the breath. Personally, I have had some answers come to me immediately, but others take time — hours or even days later. It is important to be very aware during that time because signs can be subtle.

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2. Listen to your dreams by keeping record

Guidance can also come through dreams, so if you wake from one, try to write it down immediately — before you wake up and can’t remember. I keep a small dream journal by my bedside. You can also speak into the recording button on your phone and write it down in the morning. It may disturb your sleep for a moment, but you will be glad that you have a record of the dream when you wake up. It is easy to forget dreams when we don’t make an immediate record of them.

3. Open your heart to notice the nudges or signs

Once you are hyper-aware of what is happening within and around you, you will start noticing things. You may pass a billboard, or a friend may call you and tell you something going on in their life that provides clarity for your situation, which can provide guidance. Get a journal and keep track of all the things that resonate with you and the question or decision you are trying to figure out. Once you start doing this regularly, you will become more attuned to your body and the signs.

4. Trust your inner voice

Learning how to trust the little voice inside or see something as a sign comes from stillness and deep reflection on the choices you have to make, but it also can come from asking for guidance and then not focusing on it, instead letting the help come to you. Sometimes, the sign is a little voice that tells you what to do. Do that! I know the times I have not listened to this voice led to decisions I later regretted. The universe will reach out to you with a sign, but it is up to you whether you choose to see it or ignore it. Learning to trust yourself can be challenging in the face of traumatic situations, like going through a divorce, but it will make you stronger, allow you to heal and create a new life. The key is to trust yourself – the more you listen, the better you will get at intuitive healing.

Learning to trust and listen to your intuition is one of the best tools to utilize in any healing process, but it is not the only one. Multiple tools must be used in conjunction with each other to rewire the mind, body and spirit so you can be wholly healed and move forward with a new life that brings joy. Help is often needed, so don’t hesitate to contact an energy healer, therapist or healing coach. Healing is a difficult process, and thus, many people tend to give up; once you realize that you are here for a short time and can live not just an average life, but a blissful one, it is magical.

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