5 Habits That Build Mental Strength

5 Habits That Build Mental Strength

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On the most recent episode of The Jeff Fenster Show, entrepreneur and real estate investor Cole Hatter shares his insights on building mental fortitude, finding purpose, and achieving success.

Here’s a closer look at his journey and the valuable lessons he shares.

Physical challenges create mental strength

Hatter believes physical challenges play a vital role in developing mental strength and protecting one’s sanity and quality of life. He encourages listeners to take on bodily challenges, such as the seventy-five hard program, to push their limits and build resilience. By embracing physical challenges, individuals can develop the mental fortitude needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Larger purposes lead to more fulfillment

According to Cole, having a larger purpose beyond making money is essential for long-term success and fulfillment. He emphasizes the importance of finding a cause or mission that drives you and aligns with your values. By identifying something that drives you other than financial gain, you can find greater meaning in your work and positively impact the world.

Surround yourself with mentors

To stay motivated and continuously grow, Cole recommends seeking mentorship, reading books, and investing in personal development. He believes that surrounding oneself with successful individuals and constantly learning are vital to success. By learning from those who have already achieved what you aspire to, you can gain valuable insights and avoid common pitfalls.

Embrace resilience

Cole’s personal journey from tragedy to success highlights the power of resilience and making a promise to live a big enough life for oneself and others. He shares how he committed his two best friends, who tragically passed away, to live a life that honors their memory. This promise has driven him to push through challenges and create a life of purpose and impact. By embracing resilience and making a personal commitment, individuals can overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

Study up on real estate

As a successful real estate investor, Cole stresses the importance of knowledge, education, and preparation in seizing opportunities. He advises listeners to start with books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki to gain a foundational understanding of real estate investing. By investing in their growth and education, individuals can position themselves to capitalize on the opportunities that arise in the real estate market.

Prepare for the future

Cole suggests that individuals should be financially prepared to capitalize on discounted real estate opportunities that may arise in the next year or two due to rising interest rates. He advises homeowners to hold onto their properties if possible. Individuals can take advantage of market fluctuations and make sound investment decisions by being financially ready and strategic.

Hatter’s insights on building mental fortitude, finding purpose, and achieving success provide valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate investors. By embracing physical challenges, pursuing a bigger goal, investing in personal growth, and staying prepared, individuals can navigate challenges and seize opportunities on their path to success.

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