8 Dead After 168 Vehicle Pileup in Louisiana ‘Super Fog’

8 Dead After 168 Vehicle Pileup in Louisiana ‘Super Fog’

Tragedy struck in Louisiana this week after morning fog and wildfire smoke turned to what is being called “super fog” — and caused a massive pileup of over 150 vehicles, leaving at least eight motorists dead.

During the Monday morning commute on Interstate 55 near New Orleans, an estimated 168 vehicles were involved in a massive crash in both the southbound and northbound lanes. More than 25 people were transported to hospitals with injuries.

Local authorities said that part of the pileup caught on fire after a tanker truck that was “carrying a hazardous liquid” was hit.

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Photos from the Louisiana State Police show the harrowing scene and the magnitude of the pileup.

One motorist, Andrea Cryprian, took to Facebook to document the crash she encountered while stuck on the Manchac Bridge, calling the scene “the middle of a scary movie.”

Louisiana State Governor John Bel Edwards took to X to share his condolences and encourage residents to donate blood in order to help the victims of the crash.

A combination of foggy conditions and nearby swamp and marsh fires created the “super fog” environment in the sky, according to the National Weather Service, as state authorities warned earlier in the morning to “avoid the area if possible” while traveling.

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The pileup began around 9 a.m. and stretched out an estimated one mile long.

This is a developing story.

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