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Anthony Trucks is a successful entrepreneur and former NFL player. His success formula revolves around taking immediate, decisive action and striving to get one percent better every day.

On a recent episode of The Jeff Fenster Show, he shared his inspiring journey and provided valuable insights on achieving greatness. Here are some key moments from the interview.

Always be in motion

According to Trucks, success is not a result of luck or talent alone but rather the outcome of hard work and consistent action. He emphasizes the importance of being in motion and constantly seeking something more.

“Humans are happiest when they’re in motion, when they’re seeking something,” he says.

Adopt a new identity

One of the critical concepts Trucks introduces is the idea of making an identity shift. He believes that to achieve success, individuals must declare a new identity and align their actions with that identity. He also highlights the significance of having a coach or mentor who can guide and support you on your journey, helping you reach your goals faster.

Do ‘dark work’

Truckst talks about the importance of dark work, which he describes as the behind-the-scenes effort necessary for success that often goes unnoticed. He encourages individuals to embrace their dark work by first going dark and then reading their dark work declaration out loud. This practice helps individuals draw on their inner strength and determination during defining moments.

Get an accountability partner

When faced with challenges, Trucks advises finding an accountability partner. He believes that having someone to hold you accountable and provide support can make a significant difference in maintaining momentum and achieving long-term success.

Engage in intense exercise

During the interview, Trucks also shares his experience with a challenging fitness program called “Seventy-Five Hard.” This program requires participants to complete 45 minutes of exercise every day, drink a gallon of water, and make no exceptions. He highlights the importance of discipline and identity-shifting to succeed in such demanding endeavors.

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