A Guy Named “Baby Al Capone” Pulled Off a $24 Million Crypto Heist

A Guy Named “Baby Al Capone” Pulled Off a $24 Million Crypto Heist

Have you ever heard of something called SIM-swapping? It sounds like something that would happen late at night at a 1970s party in the suburbs, but it is much dirtier than that. On this week’s episode, we examine the intricacies of what a SIM-swapping phone hack is and how a bunch of minor players were able to spearhead a major $24 million crypto heist.

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Based on an incredible story reported by Margi Murphy and Drake Bennett for Businessweek (read it here), we tell the tale of Michael Terpin, who after literally watching his crypto millions disappear before his eyes, launched a tireless campaign to find and punish the criminals who did it. The twists and turns of this story will leave your head spinning and make you think about ditching your smartphone for a flip phone. Or better yet, a landline. And a word to the wise? Never get in business with someone nicknamed “Baby Al Capone.” Also, if you are in a crypto crime syndicate called Community? Your fellow criminals might be your worst enemies.

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