Bank Accidentally Deposits $86M Into Woman’s Account: Report

Bank Accidentally Deposits $86M Into Woman’s Account: Report

This is one bank mistake no one wants reversed!

A Malaysian woman named Hafidzah Abdullah is going viral after revealing that her bank accidentally deposited 400,040,404.04 MNR into her account — roughly the equivalent of $86 million.

In a LinkedIn post published last week, Abdullah explained that a glitch in the banking system caused the incorrect deposit, but because the amount was so large, the system glitched, her bank account was frozen.

“They say money can’t buy happiness, but Maybank knows how to buy frustration,” she wrote. “Three days of Maybank glitches during salary payout period is like a comedy of errors that no one finds funny. My personal account got blocked, the company account is unusable (SECURE2U is not working), and visiting Maybank has become my new daily exercise routine.”

Maybank confirmed the incident, per Bloomberg, and said that it had resolved the issue with Abdullah.

“It was not a system-wide issue, and the customer account was not compromised,” a spokesperson for the bank told the outlet via email.

Abdullah attached a screenshot of the deposit in her account.

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Many joked that the incident gave the ever-dreaded “404 error” a whole different meaning.

“That’s some serious glitch,” one person said. “And [it’s] a frustrating one!”

“I’ve encountered a very similar situation, and it took quite a while to get it unblocked,” another lamented.

Abdullah confirmed in the comment section that she can now access her personal and company accounts.

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Maybank is the fourth biggest bank in Southeast Asia. The bank was down over 44% year-over-year as of Monday afternoon.

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