California Restaurant Charging Drunk Patrons $50 ‘Vomit Fee’

California Restaurant Charging Drunk Patrons $50 ‘Vomit Fee’

Many diners have become enraged over the past few years after encountering hidden fees on their dining bills, including Covid-related “inflation” fees, “wellness” fees and, in one recorded instance, a “health and happiness” fee.

The latest brow-raising charge to hit restaurant checks? A “vomit fee” for those who indulge (and overdo it) at bottomless mimosa brunch at one Bay Area restaurant.

Oakland restaurant Kitchen Story is going viral after posting a message to all “mimosa lovers” urging them to “drink responsibly” and be wary of their alcohol tolerance limits — or they will incur a $50 fee for “throw up in the public areas.”

“This was still during the pandemic and it became a very sensitive issue for customers and staff having to clean up,” restaurateur Steven Choi told SFGATE of Kitchen Story’s original decision to place the sign in the bathroom two years ago. “But this is not unique. It’s there to make the customers stop and think about other people.”

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According to Kitchen Story’s online menu, bottomless mimosas can be added to any brunch entree for $23, and the entire seated party must opt-in. Guests who wish to indulge in the bottomless brunch are limited to one hour.

“Some people enjoy and have fun and speak so loud and try to party on the table,” Kitchen Story co-owner Chaiporn Kitsadaviseksak told SFGATE. “They get so happy and drunk they can’t control it.”

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In August, a viral list of hidden restaurant fees in hundreds of Los Angeles restaurants took Reddit by storm, with diners recording fees of up to 20% for a slew of different reasons, including fees claiming to aid in employees’ medical and retirement funds and fees to help the restaurant keep up with “competitive industry compensation.”

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