Carnival Cruise Ship Passenger Stabbing Investigated By FBI

Carnival Cruise Ship Passenger Stabbing Investigated By FBI

It was rough seas for one Carnival Cruises passenger assaulted during a live entertainemnt show.

According to local outlet 13News Now, a Carnival spokesperson confirmed that a guest aboard the Carnival Magic attacked another with a glass from the bar during a performance in the ship’s theater.

The eight-day cruise stopped in Canada and New England and was headed back to its port in Norfolk, Virginia.

Though it was unspecified exactly how the passenger was attacked, the cruise line described the assault as a “stabbing,” and the victim was treated by medical personnel on board.

Carnival Magic cruise ship docked in Marseille, France. (Getty Images)

“Carnival security and medical officials fully cooperated with law enforcement should the guest decide to press charges,” Carnival said in a statement, noting that the assailant is banned from all future cruises and was confined to their room following the incident. “We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.”

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One passenger, Victoria Evans, told 13News Now that there were “hundreds of people” at the performance when the assault occurred.

“It was a blood-curdling scream, there were several of them,” Evans said.

The FBI Norfolk Field Office is currently investigating the incident. It is not yet known if the victim will press charges.

The Carnival Magic, which can hold 3,700 guests and 1,3000 crew members, offers multiple weeklong cruise itineraries.

Earlier this month, Carnival CFO David Bernstein told the Wall Street Journal that the cruise line is considering hiking customer prices due to rising fuel prices, something the company anticipates will cause a massive profit loss in Q4 of 2023.

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“What we think about [with surcharges] is, will that get us more money than just raising the price, because if you can get future people to pay more, you’re probably better off,” Bernstein said, noting that the company is focused on raising overall customer prices rather than just an additional fuel surcharge.

Carnival Corp was up just under 42% in a one-year period as of Tuesday morning.

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