‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas Tree Goes Viral for Budget Holiday

‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas Tree Goes Viral for Budget Holiday

For those looking to spend the holiday season on a budget, a viral Christmas tree from a popular discount chain might be what your wallet ordered.

For $5.55, a Christmas tree sold at Five Below stores, with locations all across the US, is making rounds on the internet, and TikTokers are falling in love with the sparse yet charming spin on the Christmas classic.

In a clip that’s garnered over 1.1 million views, a TiKToker named Gabrielle (@gigixelle) showed viewers how she assembled five Christmas trees from the discount chain to make a budget-friendly display for the holiday.

@gigixelle $30 for 3 Christmas trees from 5 Below? I can never be mad at that. They worked last year’s holiday season and they’re getting the job done this Christmas too. Stay tuned to see how I decorate these trees! #HolidayDecor #BudgetChristmas #AffordableDecor #DIYChristmas #FestiveOnABudget #ChristmasTreeDecor #FrugalFestivities #HolidayCrafts #DeckTheHalls #LowCostChristmas #ThriftyDecorations #HolidayOnABudget #ChristmasDIY #CreativeChristmas ♬ Aesthetic – Megacreate

Referring to the trees as real-life versions of the infamous “Charlie Brown Christmas” tree, the TikToker tells viewers that the “workaround” is to decorate them with lights and ornaments.

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“It can be a little disheartening when you look at it, and it’s looking a little bald in some place,” she told viewers as she began assembling the bare trees. “But that’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that — there are so many options to cover up those little imperfections and flaws you see.”

The TikToker decorated one six-foot tree for $20 and two four-foot trees that were between $5 and $10 and showed the results in a follow-up video, much to viewers’ delight.

@gigixelle ?✨ Small, cute, and budget-friendly – let’s decorate my guest room Christmas Tree. #FiveBelowFinds #ChristmasTreeJoy #ChristmasTreeDecorating #GuestRoomDecor #AffordableDecor #SmallChristmasTree #CozyChristmas #DecorOnABudget #TinyTreeTreasures #FrugalFestivities #ChristmasNook ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

“Once they are lit they all look the same, jolly and happy,” one viewer said. “I am here for the holiday feels.”

“It’s not the cost of the tree it’s about those around it and the smiles it causes,” another said.

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According to data from Finder, Americans are expected to spend a combined $5.6 billion on Christmas trees this year, with an estimated 28.69 million fake trees being sold at an average price of $119.

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