Check Out the 6-Figure Jobs Companies Are Hiring for Right Now

Check Out the 6-Figure Jobs Companies Are Hiring for Right Now

The U.S. average wage index for 2021 was just over $60,000, according to the Social Security Administration — a far cry from the $233,000 salary and $1.3 million retirement savings Americans say they need to feel financially secure, per a recent Bankrate survey.

The good news? People who job-hop strategically can fast-track much higher earnings. And although six figures may not be what it used to be in today’s economy, it’s a nice place to start, especially for the 43% of U.S. employees who told Gallup they’re underpaid in their current roles.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, roles in tech and healthcare tend to be the most lucrative, according to new research from job search platform Ladders reported by CNBC — and some of them don’t even require several years of experience or an advanced degree.

Here are the top 10 occupations with the most job openings on Ladders’ site between January and August that pay more than $100,000:

1. Software engineer

2. Senior software engineer

3. Project manager

4. Clinical psychologist

5. Systems engineer

6. Licensed clinical social worker

7. Dentist

8. Program manager

9. Primary care physician

10. Adult psychiatrist

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