Co-Workers Win Lottery Prize on Tickets Gifted By Manager

Co-Workers Win Lottery Prize on Tickets Gifted By Manager

It looks like Christmas came early for one group of lucky employees.

Workers at Med Center Health Environmental Services in Bowling Green, Kentucky, were in for a surprise on Tuesday when they won $50,000 on scratch-off tickets their boss had purchased for them as a holiday present.

“Our work Christmas party was early this year,” said Shift Manager, Sheila Colter, in a release. “I had ordered some items online, but they didn’t come in before the party, so I decided to get Scratch-offs instead.”

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Colter had purchased scratch-off tickets for employees to share, and one won $50.

The workers decided to use that $50 to purchase a $50 Millionaires Club scratch-off ticket, on which they won $100. Then, they used those winnings to buy two more tickets, and one had a prize of $50,000.

There were 14 employees present when the winning ticket was revealed, which Colter says had her “on the floor.”

After taxes, the winnings came to $35,750. Colter and 21 employees will split the prize, which comes to $1,750 each.

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“I’m going to use it for my mom’s medicine,” one employee named Winnie Beckman told the KY Lottery, explaining that her mother had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. “This will help a lot. And I will never forget this.”

Talk about a Christmas miracle.

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