Company Congrats Cake Goes Viral Thanks to a Wife’s Message

Company Congrats Cake Goes Viral Thanks to a Wife’s Message

An Oregon man is going viral after his wife gave him a cake to celebrate a big work accomplishment.

Reddit user @BobbyIke posted a photo of a cake that his wife bought him from the local bakery, Hungry Hero, in Sherwood, Oregon, to celebrate the completion of the website for his printing company, which took about three years to complete.

Except, the congratulations message on the cake was a little unorthodox.

My wife got me a cake for what I thought was a big accomplishment.
byu/BobbyIke infunny

“Nobody Cares,” the cake exclaimed in blue writing accompanied by rainbow sprinkles.

“Over the years while I was building [my website], every time I completed any small thing like a button or something like that, I would show one of my employees,” the Redditor told Today. “Eventually, I think they just got tired of hearing about me, showing them these small, tiny tasks that I had accomplished.”

One day, one of his employees shouted out, “Nobody cares!” in response to his menial updates on the construction of the website.

“That kind of just became the mantra of me building this website over the past three years,” he explained to the outlet.

Naturally, people in the comments were laughing at the ridiculousness of the cheeky joke.

“I’m sure someone cares. I don’t,” one user joked. “But I’m sure someone somewhere cares.”

“Jokes aside Congrats,” another said with a heartwarming sentiment. “Honestly, I don’t know you or have seen the website, but It shows that you care about your website and are proud of it, and im proud of you!”

@BobbyIke told one user in the comments that his wife had told him to pick up the cake on the way to a party, telling him she was getting a cold and couldn’t make it.

“I burst out laughing when I saw it,” he said on the platform.

Hopefully, the cake was less dry than his wife’s sense of humor.

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