Dr Pepper Halftime Show Error Results in 2 Winning $100K: Video

Dr Pepper Halftime Show Error Results in 2 Winning $100K: Video

The University of Texas Longhorns emerged victorious over the Oklahoma State Cowboys 49-21 on Saturday for the Big 12 Championship.

And although the game was exciting, it was a counting error during the halftime competition that generated all the buzz.

The Dr. Pepper Halftime Tuition Giveaway, a longstanding tradition, pits two college students against one another in an attempt to see which student can sink the most footballs into a bin. The winner gets $100,000 for tuition.

During Saturday’s game, University of Pennsylvania freshman Ryan Georgian and Gavin White, a junior at The Ohio State University, went into a dramatic “double overtime” with Georgian eventually winning the contest.

However, eagle-eyed fans on social media quickly pointed out that there had been a counting error by the referees, and that Georgian had only earned five points in the first round (not six), and that the game should have never gone into an overtime situation with White winning off the bat.

“This needs to be investigated by the proper authorities,” one fan wrote.

“It’s rigged,” another said.

The hashtag #JusticeForGavin even began trending on X, with some fans saying they would no longer be consuming the soft drink until the mistake was fixed.

Dr Pepper acknowledged the error on social media and for the first time in history, awarded both students free tuition.

“In a dramatic double OT Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway during the Big 12 Conference championship game, an on-field technical error resulted in an inaccurate accounting of the double tie break,” the company said. “As such, Dr Pepper will recognize both finalists as grand prize winners with both receiving the 100k award in tuition.”

The company did not clarify who was responsible for the mistake.

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