Elevator Pitch Premiere: Send in the Dancing Pineapple!

Elevator Pitch Premiere: Send in the Dancing Pineapple!

Welcome back to Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch. This is the first episode of season 10, and things kick off with a bang.

As longtime viewers know, this show challenges contestants to step inside our elevator, where they have just 60 seconds to pitch their company to a camera. A board of investors is watching the pitch on a monitor, and if they like what they hear, the elevator doors open. The entrepreneur steps inside the boardroom for an intense negotiation that (hopefully) ends with a life-changing investment. If the investors don’t like what they hear? The elevator is sent back down to the ground floor, and the entrepreneurs leave empty-handed.

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In season 10, veteran investors Marc Randolph (co-founder of Netflix) and Kim Perrell (serial entrepreneur and CEO of 100.co) return and are joined by a rotating team of successful investors and business titans fighting to make the next big deal.

On this episode, Randolph and Perrell are joined by Pinky Cole, founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan. Watch as our board of investors is asked for something that no entrepreneur has ever requested, and see why an entrepreneur is called back into the boardroom after being sent down for the first time in show history. Oh, and we should mention that a giant walking pineapple makes an appearance. Watch it all happen — and gain valuable insights on pitching your business — on the exciting season 10 premiere of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch!

Season 10, Episode 1 Board of Investors

  • Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, master of scaling
  • Kim Perell, CEO of 100.co, serial entrepreneur and investor
  • Pinky Cole, founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan

Season 10, Episode 1 Entrepreneurs

  • Pascal Kriesche and Morgan Abraham from Smoodi, a turnkey smoothie business that requires zero labor
  • Courtney Boyd Myers from Akua, meat alternative burger made from ocean-harvested kelp
  • Kerry Thompson from Black Hair Konfidence, the world’s first augmented reality African-American hair styling app

How to Watch

Season 10 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch is presented by Amazon Business with support from State Farm. New episodes stream on Wednesdays on Entrepreneur.com. Follow Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch on Facebook, YouTube and IGTV.

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