Here Kitty, Kitty! Help Your Cat Stay Active with This Interactive Cat Toy for just $24.99.

Here Kitty, Kitty! Help Your Cat Stay Active with This Interactive Cat Toy for just $24.99.

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This is not an uncommon scenario. You’re busy building your business from your home office, but your furry little friend wants to play. Maybe she meows at you for attention. Or maybe she jumps up on your desk and sprawls out over your keyboard. And while throwing a catnip toy around can entertain your cat for a minute or two, it’s not really enough to keep her busy and fulfilled while you work.

This Interactive Cat Toy can be the solution to your pet-owner’s conundrum. It’s made to automatically change direction after colliding with a solid object. So, even if you can’t spend the time playing with Mrs. Whiskers, the interactive nature of this toy will be the next best thing.

With two speeds and 360-degree rotation, this toy comes with a USB charging cable, a user manual, and three replaceable feathers that give your precious kitty cat a little variety to keep her interested.

Made with cat health in mind, it features changing LED lights that are a safer alternative to the standard lasers used for cat toys. It’s also made with BPA-free, eco-friendly ABS and rubber material to keep your cat safe.

The touch-activated toy has a self-balancing system that ensures it stays upright while your cat plays. And the voice control function automatically turns the toy on when you make a sound or clap your hands.

The long-lasting rechargeable battery means kitty can play longer, leaving you free to roll up your sleeves, hop on your computer, and get back to work. Plus, it’s easy to clean and ultra-quiet for added convenience.

Pick up an interactive cat toy with LED light and three interchangeable feathers for $24.99 (reg. $35).

Prices subject to change.

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