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The world of business and entrepreneurship demands a unique blend of leadership, adaptability and commitment. It comes as no surprise that military veterans often emerge as exceptional candidates for leadership roles in this environment. These individuals, who have already spent years dedicated to service and sacrifice for our country, bring with them a wealth of skills and qualities that align perfectly with the demands of franchise ownership.

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Many veterans are incomparable leaders

Several factors contribute to a well-run business, but there is one that is more essential than all others — quality leadership. Many military veterans are natural leaders, drawing on the unique skills developed during their service. These individuals have learned how to lead by example, communicate effectively, make critical decisions under pressure and motivate their team members — all of which translates seamlessly into effective business leadership.

These individuals have learned how to lead by example.

Additionally, many veterans have duality and can pivot between leader and follower based on the task at hand. This is a valuable ability for franchise owners to possess, as they must lead their team while simultaneously adhering to the larger organizational hierarchy. Respect for leadership structures fosters a well-organized and efficient franchise — and ultimately a successful business.

Veterans are usually team-minded

The U.S. military’s six branches uphold similar core values: loyalty, duty, respect, integrity and selfless service are just a few. These principles serve as a moral compass for veterans, leading them to prioritize team over individual.

Any franchisor knows that building and managing an effective team is a critical aspect of running a franchise. Veterans, who have experience working with diverse groups of individuals in high-stress situations, are skilled at bringing people together, fostering teamwork and maximizing the potential of their team members. This ability to create a strong, unified workforce is advantageous in the franchise industry, where employee morale and teamwork are essential for prosperity. Kiddie Academy® certainly would not thrive as it does today without our franchisees who are dedicated to the cohesive success of our brand and mission.

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Veterans are often gritty workers

There’s a common saying amongst U.S. Navy SEALs: “The only easy day was yesterday.” That message reflects a mindset and character trait embedded throughout the military — grit.

The military demands unwavering dedication and attention to detail, and veterans are accustomed to working tirelessly to complete their missions. This level of discipline is a priceless asset in business, where consistency and commitment are paramount. Veterans’ appreciation for a proven system and adherence to operational standards are precisely the principles that build strong franchises.

Veterans’ appreciation for a proven system and adherence to operational standards are precisely the principles that build strong franchises.

Each day is unpredictable for business owners, and unexpected obstacles can derail even the most carefully laid plans. Thanks to their backgrounds, veterans are equipped to navigate challenges with ease and determination—a necessary quality for any franchise leader.

If you need any more convincing about the benefits veterans bring to franchising, VetFran reports that 97% of surveyed franchisors say veterans are excellent franchisees. This statistic underscores the ownership capability of veterans across franchise industries.

Franchising is a path that benefits both veterans and franchises. Many franchises understand the value of veteran ownership and offer these potential owners special rates. At Kiddie Academy, we offer qualified veterans a $25,000 discount on their initial franchise fee.

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Another perk for veterans is the opportunity for supported independence. When you join a franchise, you’re served a tried-and-true business model, and, on the side, you get a tremendous support network. And you don’t even need experience in business ownership, franchising or your chosen industry to get started. For example, Kiddie Academy franchisees are matched with a franchise business consultant who facilitates connections with a staff of experts in financing, real estate, licensing, marketing, education and more.

Franchising offers veterans a unique opportunity to leverage their skills and experiences in a fulfilling way, contributing to both their personal growth and the prosperity of the franchises. Regardless of interest in pursuing a franchising career, I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to all military veterans and those currently serving for their contributions to the prosperity and protection of our nation.

We are thinking of you and grateful for you this Veterans Day — and every day.

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