A parking garage at London’s Luton Airport was engulfed in flames on Wednesday after a vehicle caught fire inside, leading to a “significant structural collapse” of the garage.

Luton, which is located around 25 miles north of central London, experienced dozens of flight cancelations and delays following the incident.

According to Flight Aware, 50 flights (about 23% of the total) were delayed leaving Luton, and another 42 (19%) were canceled on Wednesday.

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An additional 65 flights headed for Luton, which is 27% of total traffic, were canceled, while another 49 flights were delayed.

Videos and images on social media show the parking garage on fire, with fire trucks and authorities trying to put out the flames.

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service declared the fire a “major incident” and confirmed that the fire took place in Terminal Car on the second floor of the parking garage.

Though no severe injuries were reported, four firefighters and one airport employee were treated for “the effects of breathing” as a result of smoke from the fire.

Hundreds of cars are reported to be damaged in the garage that can hold upwards of 1,900 automobiles.

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Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Chief Andy Hopkinson told reporters that the fire is believed to have been caused by a diesel-powered car, but he did not elaborate.

Flights resumed in and out of the airport late Wednesday.

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