Look Inside Barbara Corcoran’s $1 Million Trailer in California

Look Inside Barbara Corcoran’s $1 Million Trailer in California

“Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran is well known for her lavish New York City apartment — after all, the Queen of Real Estate knows a thing or two about picking a prime spot.

But fans have been reeling over her West Coast home — a double-wide trailer in California that’s going viral on TikTok after she gave viewers a tour inside.

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In a clip that’s been viewed over 9.5 million times, TikTok influencer Caleb Simpson shows viewers inside Corcoran’s Pacific Palisades “Taj Mahal.”

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“Everything’s little,” she says.

Corcoran told Simpson that she bought the home for $800,000 and put $150,000 worth of work into it, getting crafty where she needed — the tile in the kitchen, for example, is leftover from her New York City apartment.

Corcoran then showed off her bathrooms, bedrooms, terrace, and stunning oceanfront views.

“I saw this trailer park, and I liked this one the best because I’d have the best view, I thought,” she told viewers about purchasing the home. “I knocked on her door, and [the owner was] like, ‘No, I’m not selling, but I’ll sell in a year,’ and I said, ‘No, I really want it now … what if you can use it whenever you want for your life?’ She said, ‘Yeah, that would be good.’ And she sold it to me.”

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It’s not the first time Corcoran and Simpson have teamed up for a tour of her home. Last year, Simpson showed viewers inside the real estate mogul’s $13 million New York City penthouse.

Corcoran’s net worth is currently an estimated $100 million.

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