Marie Osmond Won’t Be Leaving Her Children An Inheritance

Marie Osmond Won’t Be Leaving Her Children An Inheritance

Entertainment maven Marie Osmond has amassed a multi-million dollar fortune throughout her career — but don’t expect her to give any to her children.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the “Donny & Marie” actress spoke about her decision to not provide her children with a financial safety net.

“I just think you rob them of finding who they are, and self-worth can’t be bought. That’s my opinion,” she said, though she clarified that she does help her children financially “along the way” here and there. “I believe that, when I leave this life, I want my children to know that they can take care of themselves.”

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Osmond has eight children — Stephen (40), Jessica (36), Rachael (34), Brandon (27), Brianna (25), Matthew (24), Abigail (21) and one son Michael who died in 2010 at the age of 18.

She is also a grandmother to eight children.

Osmond echoed her sentiments to the New York Post last week when discussing motherhood.

“When you tell a child — I know, I’ve seen it throughout my life — that you’re leaving them all this money it un-inspires them,” the star told the outlet. “They don’t learn the joy of hard work, of picking themselves up when things don’t work. I believe in general that you rob children of the experience of figuring out who they are.”

Osmond is reportedly worth an estimated $20 million, much of which she accumulated through her career as a country artist and sitcom star.

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Osmond currently plays Countess Von Frankfurt in CBS’ soap opera series “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

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