McDonald’s Is Bringing Back the McRib — Again

McDonald’s Is Bringing Back the McRib — Again

Following a very dramatic and fan-dreaded farewell tour, McDonald’s is bringing back one of its cultiest items yet.

This week, McDonald’s confirmed to TODAY that rumors (originally posted by fast-food insider “Snackolator” on Instagram) claiming the McRib would be coming back for a limited run this November were true.

The McRib has become one of McDonald’s most talked about sandwiches and last graced the burger chain’s menu in 2022.

“It turns out not everyone was ready to say goodbye to the McRib after last year’s Farewell Tour,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told the outlet. “While it won’t be available nationwide, some lucky fans may find their favorite elusive saucy sandwich at their local McDonald’s restaurants this November.”

Fans were absolutely thrilled to hear the news.

Though a fan-favorite sandwich, the McRib has never been a permanent fixture on McDonalds menu, only running for a limited-time after initially debuting in 1981 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The formula for the McRib’s appearance seems to be tried and true for the chain – a surprise announcement that generates hype and buzz, a specified period for how long the sandwiches will be available, select locations and markets identified where the sandwich will be sold, and the sad farewell of the sandwich’s run coming to an end with no hard set date as to when it will return — if at all.

The famed McRib sandwich in a California McDonald’s restaurant (Getty Images)

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“If consumers think there is a shortage of a product, or that it won’t be around for long, they will rush out to get it,” said Restaurant Business Online during last year’s McRib run.

McDonald’s scarcity marketing technique is simple — people tend to want what they can’t have, and for some people, that comes in the form of one barbecue sauce-covered boneless pork patty on a warm bun, topped with dill pickles and onions.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment.

The chain was up just over 6.6% in a one-year period as of Wednesday afternoon.

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