McDonald’s Is Completely Changing Its Burgers in 2024

McDonald’s Is Completely Changing Its Burgers in 2024

McDonald’s is making major changes to its beef.

A spokesperson for the fast-food chain told the Wall Street Journal the new burgers have over 50 modifications to its current patties.

The new burgers were first tested in Australia and began rolling out to McDonald’s West Coast and Midwest markets earlier this year. The new burgers ar expected to be available nationwide by 2024.

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The new burger patty has been in the works at McDonald’s HQ in Chicago for over seven years. Chef Chad Schafer said the chain’s current patties are “kind of dry.”

“We can do it quick, fast, and safe, but it doesn’t necessarily taste great. So, we want to incorporate quality into where we’re at,” said Chris Young, McDonald’s senior director of global menu strategy, per the outlet.

In addition to the patty, other changes are on the way for the chain’s beloved signature burger, the Big Mac.

The Big Mac’s classic sesame seed bun is being swapped for “buttery brioche,” and the burger will get more special sauce for a “meltier” culinary experience, according to the chain.

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McDonald’s is coming off of a strong Q3 2023 after revenue increased an impressive 14% quarterly, with same-store sales in the U.S. increasing 8.1%.

The fast-food chain was up just over 4.59% year over year as of Friday afternoon.

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