Con man Christian Gerhartsreiter had many identities — but his most famous was “Clark Rockefeller,” a black sheep relative supposedly from the iconic American family. For over 20 years, he duped rich people from coast to coast to share in their privilege and their money. But in 2008, he finally got caught in his web of deceit. Investigators would soon realize that his dirty crimes not only included impersonations but were much darker than anyone ever imagined.

Listen to the latest episode of Dirty Money to hear all about this sordid tale.

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About Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a new podcast series from Entrepreneur Media telling the tales of legendary scammers, con artists, and barely-legal lowlifes who stop at nothing to bilk their marks of millions. Hosted by Entrepreneur editors Dan Bova and Jon Small, the podcast takes a deep dive into the deviants behind the deeds.

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