Meet the Pizza-Making Robots Churning Out 600 Pies Hourly at PizzaHQ

Meet the Pizza-Making Robots Churning Out 600 Pies Hourly at PizzaHQ

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What happens when you mix automation with excellence? You get a robot revolution.

PizzaHQ is leading the way by focusing on automation and efficiency to deliver affordable pizzas at a breakneck pace.

Co-founder Jay Udrija and PizzaHQ are building a robot-powered pizza chain whose “relentless focus on process” also comes with a commitment to quality to set them apart.

PizzaHQ, headquartered in New Jersey, is a high-volume “pizzeria” that manufactures its food offerings using innovative restaurant technology to produce lots of quality pies for a low cost and at a fast pace.

Not compromising on quality is crucial to the PizzaHQ brand. It’s one thing to get a quick, cheap pizza, it’s another to get a quick, cheap, AND perfect, pizza.

“What we didn’t want to do was sacrifice quality,” explained PizzaHQ co-founder Jay Udrija to Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media. “We really wanted to keep the authenticity of New York-style pizza and mimic the same product that we had at the time.”

Along with traditional pick-up and delivery sales powered by Toast, PizzaHQ can use its pizza manufacturing technology to make custom pies for large corporate events, stadium service, and more.

An advantage of automation is not just the obvious business benefits: cost savings, operation efficiency, ease of training, etc. Another reason to incorporate automation into a restaurant business is consistency for the consumer.

“You get a consistent product every time,” Jay Udrija said. “There’s not going to be extra cheese one time and regular cheese one other time. It’s going to be the same cheese because the machines are much more consistent.”

“We’re able to deliver a better product, we’re able to deliver way faster, we’re able to deliver at a lower price point.”

Incorporating back-of-the-house technology and front-of-the-house technology like Toast, DAVO Sales Tax, and other tools for the modern restaurant operation allows PizzaHQ to prepare themselves for an even bigger future of getting pizzas into the hands of as many people as possible.

“We are committed to being a tech-forward brand,” Jay said.

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