OLIPOP Co-founder Shares His Product Tips and Strategies

OLIPOP Co-founder Shares His Product Tips and Strategies

Diet Coke was introduced in 1982, and some say this was the greatest innovation in the soda industry of all time. But a new health-conscious, Gen Z-inspired soda brand, OLIPOP, says they are gaining ground on the legacy soda brands. How did they do it? According to the CEO Ben Goodwin, a combination of clever marketing, product placement, and a solid team. If you are a subscriber, keep reading! But if you are not yet subscribed to Entrepreneur+, follow this link for a one-month free credit to access this exclusive story.

As part of your Entrepreneur+ subscription, we look for opportunities to bring today’s most innovative CEOs, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs directly to you. Ben Goodwin and his work on OLIPOP is a prime example of how to actually build a brand that gets consumers excited — the brand’s Instagram channel has grown 26k new followers in the past 90 days and they were featured in the official music video for the Barbie Movie.

OLIPOP’s Ben Goodwin now joins subscribers as he shares the insights that helped his team succeed. Whether you own a business, have a side hustle or are trying to progress in your career — this Q&A can help you become a top-tier marketer and communicator to consumers. You’ll learn:

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