Perdue Debuts Chicken Feed for Humans Called ‘Chix Mix’

Perdue Debuts Chicken Feed for Humans Called ‘Chix Mix’

Perdue just created a chicken feed — for human consumption.

The company’s new limited-edition snack, “Chix Mix,” is “made from most of the same ingredients” that the company feeds its chickens, which is an all-vegetarian diet of corn, wheat, and edamame, according to a company press release.

A free bag of the new snack, which has been enhanced with BBQ flavoring, can be ordered on starting on November 17 at 12 p.m. EST. while supplies last.

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The product was released to combat concerns around chicken production and consumers increased interest in the quality of their food. A report from the North American Meat Institute and the Food Marketing Institute found that 63% of consumers want to know where their food comes from.

Courtesy of Perdue | A person eating Perdue Chix Mix.

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Perdue is the No. 1 brand of fresh chicken in the U.S. according to Perdue generates $9.5 billion in annual sales, according to the company.

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