How much would it take to let hundreds of bugs roam around your home for a month?

A North Carolina-based pest control resource company, The Pest Informer, is looking for a household that will let them release 100 American cockroaches inside to test the effectiveness of a pest control technique.

In return for your participation, the company is offering to pay one homeowner $2,500.

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While The Pest Informer didn’t give additional details about the specific cockroach treatment they would be trying for the experiment, the company assured candidates that the treatment used would be family and pet-safe.

However, the company said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency questioned the environmental impact of the study, which is why they are choosing to conduct the study in one household at a time.

The experiment will be conducted over 30 days, and if the roaches aren’t eliminated by the end of the study The Pest Informer said it would then implement traditional roach removal practices at no charge.

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During the 30 days, participants must not use any other cockroach treatments.

U.S. residents who wish to be considered must fill out an online application by December 31, according to USA Today, and can expect to hear back in early 2024.

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