Retiree Finds $100,000 Powerball Ticket in Pile of Papers

Retiree Finds $100,000 Powerball Ticket in Pile of Papers

Some routine cleaning led a 75-year-old woman to a six-figure winning lottery ticket.

Two months after the numbers were drawn, while “going through papers,” a Springfield, Virginia woman found a forgotten Powerball ticket worth $100,000. She claimed her prize at the Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore last week, the Virginia Lottery reported.

“This is wonderful,” the woman said upon collecting. “I am just blessed.”

The winning ticket was originally purchased on July 19 during Powerball’s frenzied rise that hit $1.08 billion — and was won that evening by a single-ticket winner in California.

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The woman said she picked numbers at random before matching four and the Powerball, which secured the game’s $50,000 third-tier prize. But she had also opted for the Power Play with a 2X multiplier, which doubled her prize to $100,000. The winning numbers for the July 19 Powerball drawing were 7, 10, 11, 13, and 24, with the Powerball number also 24.

She intends to deposit her windfall into her bank account and consult with family members.

The next Powerball drawing is Wednesday night, September 27, with a jackpot of $835 million, the fourth-largest prize in the game’s history.

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