Starbucks’ Stanley Quencher Tumblers Are Reselling For $800

Starbucks’ Stanley Quencher Tumblers Are Reselling For $800

The Starbucks holiday hysteria is in full swing after the company’s seasonal red cups and special menu were rolled out earlier this month.

Now, the coffee giant is selling a limited edition 40-ounce Stanley Quencher ($49.95) in bright red that can only be bought in stores.

Stanleys have a cult-like following on social media, and some TikTokers have documented their journeys to multiple Starbucks locations to get their hands on the coveted treasures, with some waking up as early as 4:30 a.m.

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“I managed to get four which is exactly what I needed for all my friends,” one TIkToker said. “I ended up spending a little over $200 But I just couldn’t resist guys, so it’s just so cool.”

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While the cup originally rolled out to stores on November 2, it’s now being resold for up to $800 on sites like Poshmark and eBay.

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“I drove 40 minutes to get me and my friend one (she’s a night nurse), thankfully I got 2 but they only had two I felt so bad,” one person said.

“Overpaying for a dumb red cup,” another said bluntly.

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Starbucks did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment but told Insider that since the item is limited-supply, some stores may already have sold out of stock.

“Some stores will be restocked throughout the season,” a spokesperson for the coffee chain told the outlet.

Starbucks was up over 8.3% as of Tuesday afternoon.

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