Survey Shows the Surprising Link Between Salary and Job Satisfaction

Survey Shows the Surprising Link Between Salary and Job Satisfaction

A six-figure salary is an aspiration for many Americans, but earning that much money comes with downsides, too. Online language learning platform Preply recently surveyed 1,499 Americans with full-time jobs to find out how they describe their jobs and typical workdays.

The descriptions were overwhelmingly negative or neutral, with just 11.6% of those surveyed saying their job is “enjoyable” and 3.5% saying it’s “easy.” Nearly 42% of those surveyed said the word they’d use to describe their day-to-day is “busy.”

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The results got more interesting when broken down by salary range. Perhaps not surprisingly, those who earn less than $25,000 per year were most likely to describe their jobs as “boring” and “exhausting.” Those who make more than $25,000 and less than $55,000 describe their days as “routine” and are likelier to have a bad boss.

However, once a worker’s salary tops $100,000, the results aren’t what you’d necessarily expect. Those who make $100,000 to $149,999 are most likely to describe their typical workday as “annoying” and their workload as “stressful.”

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Only when workers pass that $150,000 annual salary threshold do they start describing their jobs as “enjoyable.” Read on to see the full breakdown below.

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