The Most and Least Competitive Major Companies for Applicants

The Most and Least Competitive Major Companies for Applicants

If you’ve ever wanted to work for one of your favorite companies — whether it be a tech giant like Apple or a fashion service like Stitch Fix — you might have navigated to its job posting on LinkedIn, seen that hundreds of applications were submitted within hours and wondered if you even had a shot.

Not surprisingly, some of the biggest names in American business do tend to be the most competitive, but others aren’t exactly flooded with applicants. In fact, despite a gradually cooling job market in the U.S., economists maintain that employees are in a great position to negotiate and job hop, CNBC reported earlier this year.

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So, what are your chances as an applicant at a household name company, really? What are the most — and least — competitive companies for job seekers? A new study from set out to answer that question by analyzing data from LinkedIn.

Based on the average number of daily job applicants to job postings, determined the 20 companies where getting hired might be particularly difficult and the 20 where it might not be so hard after all.

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The No. 1 most in-demand company among applicants? That would be Netflix, which, despite its controversial (and successful) crackdown on password sharing earlier this year, is the most competitive major American company for job seekers, boasting 84.87 average daily applicants per job posting.

Check out the full list from below:

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