The Twins Who Brought Down Drug Lord El Chapo

The Twins Who Brought Down Drug Lord El Chapo

Joaquín Guzmán, better known as El Chapo (which translates to “Shorty”), was head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Mexico. He lorded over a violent empire that was estimated to be worth $2 billion until he was captured in 2016 and eventually sentenced to life in prison.

On this episode of Dirty Money, we speak with Charlie Webster, an investigative journalist, and co-host (with none other than 50 Cent) of the podcast Surviving El Chapo. Their show revolves around identical twins Jay and Pete Flores, who were instrumental in putting El Chapo behind bars.

From the Projects to Power

The brothers, who were raised in the projects of Chicago, ran a multi-million-dollar drug empire. Their connections with Mexican cartels put them in direct contact with the most famous drug lord, the aforementioned El Chapo. But when the brothers were arrested by the Feds, they went from selling drugs on the streets to dealing priceless information to the government.

Webster explains the brothers’ rise to power and the aftermath of their decision to cooperate to land El Chapo in the clink — what it was like to come face-to-face with the powerful drug lord in court and what their lives have been like ever since.

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Thanks for listening, and remember: just say no to dealing drugs on behalf of psychotic drug lords who kill people for fun.

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