This Viral Content Creator Loves Taxes. Here’s Why.

This Viral Content Creator Loves Taxes. Here’s Why.

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Chances are, you HATE taxes. That’s why Duke LOVES them.

Duke Alexander Moore, CEO founder of Duke Tax, is a tax pro and social media content creator who has built a huge following online teaching his millions of followers about taxes.

“My goal when I create content is I have to keep it engaging and entertaining,” he says. “So I’m always trying to tell two stories.”

When posting videos to social media, it’s important to not just sell to the audience, but to give them something fun to watch.

That’s why Duke doesn’t just talk about taxes on his channels, he also cooks, performs skits, and more, to keep people watching until the end of each post.

Focusing on small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other content creators, he has built a successful brand as @dukelovestaxes because of an energetic personality and unique, educational content that actually entertains.

Nearly 4 million people now follow him across his various platforms like TikTok, where he has seen exceptional viral success.

“Our main goal is to help them save on taxes and stay out of trouble with the IRS. It’s more like a membership concierge basis tailored to their needs,” explains Duke Alexander Moore to Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media.

Duke Tax was founded by Duke Alexander Moore as a membership-based tax and accounting concierge business that specializes in helping creators and entrepreneurs alleviate stress around taxes by providing tax, formations, bookkeeping, and audit-protection services.

Duke and his company have been featured by Good Morning America, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Forbes, and more.

The influencer doesn’t just make B2C content aimed at consumers. He also creates valuable B2B content targeted at other entrepreneurs and professionals like himself.

His best advice for those wanting to get into the B2B content space? Don’t be shy or scared to get started. Just jump in.

“Everyone has started at zero, everyone… I used to be very afraid,” Duke shares. “Just get f—ing started.”

A big “a-ha!” moment came for Duke as a content creator when he started to discover his worth when it came to brand deals and making money on social media.

His first brand deals were for just hundreds of dollars. Then he figured out he could be charging thousands. A light bulb went off and he started to help other creators manage the often-complicated financial situations that come with making money posting content online.

By helping people make sense of complex tax situations, Duke and his team are helping creators and others free up time to do what they love — to create and keep building without fear.

“It’s progress, not perfection,” he said. “You think you have it figured out until you see your comment section….”

Still, no amount of negativity should slow you down.

“There’s no such thing as failure. There’s only feedback.”

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