This Why You Should Allign Yourself with the Right People

This Why You Should Allign Yourself with the Right People

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In the latest episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Greg Reid shares his remarkable journey of triumphing over poverty and defying his father’s discouragement.

Reid is a successful author, screenwriter, and creator of Secret Knock, a high-profile networking conference. His story is a testament to the power of taking immediate, decisive action.

Reid’s success can be attributed to his focus on strategic activity and aligning himself with the right people. He emphasizes the significance of making intentional decisions and taking purposeful steps toward achieving goals. By surrounding himself with individuals who share his vision and values, Reid has created a support network that has propelled him forward.

One of Reid’s notable achievements is the creation of Secret Knock, an exclusive event that has been running for 17 years. This gathering brings together influential individuals from various fields, including notable guests such as Edward Snowden and Vicente Fox. Secret Knock exemplifies the power of creating unique experiences and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

In our interview, Reid shares valuable advice on making a strong impression and gaining access to influential individuals. He uses a stopwatch to measure his time to make an impact, emphasizing the importance of making every second count.

Additionally, Reid employs pattern interruptions to break the ice and encourage people to open up, fostering meaningful connections. Reid has ambitious plans to create a cable TV show and secure a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. His desire to leave a lasting legacy for his children and inspire others to strive for remarkability rather than perfection drives these endeavors.

Teach the children well

One of the critical lessons Reid imparts on the podcast is the importance of teaching children essential life skills. He believes that equipping them with effective communication, negotiation, and personal finance skills is crucial for their future success. Reid acknowledges that video games, often seen as a distraction, can actually be viewed as a different form of equipment for children today, providing them with valuable problem-solving and strategic thinking abilities.

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