Video: Grubhub Driver Caught Taking Bites of Customer’s Food

Video: Grubhub Driver Caught Taking Bites of Customer’s Food

Showing up to work hungry is probably a bad idea when you’re a food delivery worker surrounded by the sights and smells of freshly cooked meals.

This must have been the case for one Grubhub driver who let his hunger get the best of him as he chowed down on a customer’s meal while in his vehicle — and then got caught on camera.

On October 11, during the dinner rush, Martin Luzanilla, CEO of Mexihana’s Hibachi Grill in Long Beach, California, saw a Grubhub driver on surveillance camera untie a delivery food order and take a few bites from the meal while inside his car in the parking lot in front of the restaurant.

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Luzanilla confronted the driver, who told him that it was his lunch — and Luzanilla apologized.

But when he went inside, he realized that it was not, in fact, the driver’s meal; it was a customer’s delivery order. Surveillance footage obtained by Today shows the driver helping himself to the meal.

Luzanilla said he contacted the customer multiple times before finally getting in touch with him and told him to throw out the food that was being delivered and that a new order would be on the way.

“I just said, ‘I’m actually making your food right now for you guys, and I’ll be personally delivering it to you,'” Luzanilla told local outlet ABC 7.

Grubhub told Today that the driver is no longer with the company and that the dining platform has contacted the customer and the restaurant owner.

“We have no tolerance for misconduct on our platform,” a Grubhub spokesperson told the outlet. “The vast majority of our orders are completed without incident or complaint, and when things don’t go as planned, we work hard to make things right.”

Grubhub did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment.

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