What Is ‘Grey Rocking’? Use It This Holiday Season

What Is ‘Grey Rocking’? Use It This Holiday Season

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Although the holiday season brings people together and can be a time to reconnect and enjoy the company of family, friends and colleagues, it can also be a time of great stress. This is especially true for introverts or those who are looking to avoid conflict. In a group of dynamic personalities, it’s just not always possible for everyone to get along.

Sometimes spending a few hours with people can feel like a few weeks, and this dynamic is multiplied when there’s a narcissist in the group. They might seem well-intentioned, but deep down they thrive on creating chaos and conflict. Who wants to deal with that over the holidays?

If this is an issue that you’ve dealt with in the past, or if you see yourself dealing with it in the future, it’s time to learn about “grey rocking.”

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